Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Trekking the Routeburn and Caples

Just got back from speding four days up in the mountains hiking the Routeburn and Caples treks here in the South Island. Original plans were for a somewhat more ambitious trek of six days, but unfortunately the weather wasn't quite so ready to cooperate, thoroughly soaking us the first day. The next three were a bit of a mixed bag, but mostly nice, however, the forecasts called for more rain starting today, so Nate and I decided to get out now (Buster, who was also hiking with us, was planning to leave today all along). Hiking in the rain, unfortunately, taught me that none of 'water-proof' gear was actually water proof! The rain did have an interesting effect on the surroundings - the waterfalls were really full! However, the views of the surrounding mountains were obscured by misty clouds...

Myself, Nate, and Buster on the trek

174m tall Earland Falls at full strength!

Views of the snow-capped mountains from McKellar Saddle

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