Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dude Where's My Bag?

Sitting on the plane to San Francisco (continuing to Auckland and Queenstown) all kinds of things were running through my head: holy crap this is for real - I quit my job and I'm heading to the other side of world; I forgot to pack a spoon; ummm I don't think there's a name tag on my bag. So naturally the first thing I planned to do in Auckland was tear open the plastic bag around my pack and add a name tag.

But suddenly I was all by myself and the conveyer belt was stopped. Air New Zealand has no idea where it is. They think it's United's fault. The real debate is do I continue to Queenstown or stick around here (and try to find Nate) in hopes that they'll find it. Ahh well the excitement of travel. If only they'd let me carry on my stove and pocket knife. Would have saved a lot of hassle.


b mathew said...

Bummer dude. You can buy a bunch of essentials including clothes and bill the airline. I think the allowance is $50 or something. Good luck..

Niels said...

Do you know where your towel is?!

b mathew said... that a Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy reference???

dlott said...

My towel is in the backpack. Fortunately the "Male Overnight Kit" they gave me contains a white XXL cotton tshirt which is almost as good as a towel. Fingers crossed it arrives today.