Sunday, April 27, 2008

Decent Internet aka Pictures!

First a couple of pictures from the Routeburn Track! The valley you walk up the first day: Harris Lake (I think, it's in the Harris Saddle) that you pass on day two:
And a picture of me at day three's highlight: Earland Falls. Pretty rainbows at base:
and all 174m of it's dizzying height:
Finally on a side trip to Key Summit, another small tarn:
Next up, the Luxmore Hut, first night's lodging on the Kepler Track:
And hiking across a couple of high trails on day two:
Dawn breaks on day three over the Iris Burn Valley where it was a bit on the chilly side:

Then I caught a ride with Ewan in his funmobile (bike on the back, kiteboard on top, and 4 wheel drive on the floor):

To catch the ferry to Stewart Island:
And an amazing sunset:
Back on the mainland (South Island) the next day, we headed to Slope Point - further north than we'd been on Stewart Island, but still a nice photo op:
McLean falls: And Nugget Point:
Unfortunately the pictures I took of the sea lions and yellow eyed penguins didn't really come out. I'm still in Dunedin thinking about taking the Cadbury Factory and Spatez Brewery Tours and trying to figure out how to get to Mt. Cook!


b mathew said...

Sweet pics man...

Alex said...

I'm jealous of the Routeburn views you got!