Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stupid Southern Hemisphere!

It's April - days should be getting longer, weather warmer, the summer's just around the corner... I hear we're already even paying for our boat slip back in Seattle. Unfrotunately, in the silly Southern hemisphere, specifically here in Australia, April lies squarely in the middle of autumn - days are getting colder and shorter, and there's lots of rain. Just to drive the point home, daylight savings time just ended here this weekend, and not being a farmer who actually has a need to be awake at 6AM, I much prefer the summer version, where it stays light longer... (incidentally, this also means that the time difference between NZ and California just went from 3 hours too 5 over the course of a month due to the clocks moving in opposite directions).

I am now on my third day here in Australia - Sydney was first, and was fairly unremarkable, since I had seen it before.

Obligatory Sydney Opera house and Harbor bridge shot

Yesterday, I ventured out to the nearby Blue Mountains National Park hoping to see some of the beautiful mountains around here - unfortunately Katoomba (the town where I'm actually staying) has been absolutely blanketed in fog and occasional drizzle since I arrived. Went out to see some of the park this morning anyway - got plenty wet, and saw a few things, but a lot of it was still covered by fog...

The Three Sisters are hiding somewhere in the fog

Nice views of the Katoomba falls though

Forecast claims nicer weather tomorrow - we'll see! If it is indeed nice, there's supposedly a pickup frisbee game here tomorrow as well! And then, on to Melbourne.

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Olivia said...

Yeah, the opera house and bridge just don't look the same without blue skies! Hope you get some sun soon!