Monday, April 7, 2008

New leader in the clubhouse

An update on exotic airlines - I flew emirates airways from Christchurch to Sydney (they offer by far the cheapest rates for some strange reason), and emirates is clearly my favorite airline now. After reading the menu (yes, it comes with a menu) and the list of movies/TV shows that were available, I was rather inclined to perhaps spend a few more days just hanging out on the airplane. Add to that noticeably more leg room than any of the other airlines I've been on so far, helpful flight attendants, excellent meals (wine/spirits included, except for champagne), timely departure/arrival, and I'm sold! But it gets better - it's a little expensive, but they'll actually let you send and receive email in midair! Clearly a winner... now it's obviously time to try Singapore Air as they seem to be the universally accepted gold standard for airline service. Unfortunately, my next flight will actually be with an Australian discount carrier AirNorth - I'm not expecting much.

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b mathew said...

Oh yeah Emirates is definitely up there. I've heard that they have an unbeatable First Class service (flew business and I can't imagine it being even better!)