Thursday, April 10, 2008

Layouts 1, Dislocations 0!

Layouts for the win! Thursday morning, still in the bustlig metropolis of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, I was finally greeted my bright blue skies. A stark departure from the prior two days, and not a moment too soon, since I had already reserved a bus to Melbourne for that evening.

First things first in the morning, I went to finally see the mountains - basically I went to all the same places that I had gone the day before, but this time I wasn't just looking at a foggy mist... The Three Sisters really do exist, and really are quite spectacular.

Perhaps more importantly, nice weather meant that the frisbee lunch-time pickup in Katoomba was on! As you may have guessed, I actually managed to layout for a score at one point, and nothing got dislocated! The locals didn't seem overly impressed, so they probably just though the random American newcomer is dumb. The game overall was the definition of relaxed pick up as we played five on four (the four was mostly winning...) without subs or such formalities as dark and white shirts. I did finally get to use the cleats I've been dragging around Fiji and New Zealand with me for the past month and a half. It's starting to justify all these conversations:

- So, you are a big footballer, Alex?
- no, these are actually for ultimate frisbee...
- ultimate wha?
- uhm, let's just say there's a frisbee and lots of running involved

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