Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ultimate ... in the rain ... on an army base

Just a quick note: found pickup frisbee game in Bangkok... they play on a field in the middle of a real live army base, so every now then you see platoons of soldiers jogging by or hear the firing range - quite, interesting. Even more interesting, the locals were quite willing to play in the rain - the bad weather has followed me up north, so we spent a couple of hours getting absolutely soaked running around, playing in the rain, of varying strenghts. Eventually, the game got called when we saw lightning and it was felt (correctly) that being on the field if it were to get hit by a lightning bolt would be rather bad... I'd prefer to put a positive spin on it, and I certainly enjoyed playing and getting at least a little bit of exercise, but in reality, I don't think I like playing in the rain. Catching and throwing both become just a little more challenging with a wet disc, and I was a little concerned about potentially turning an ankle on the wet field...

Off to Laos tomorrow - here's hoping for better weather!

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