Friday, May 9, 2008

Rain in New Zealand

Or the threat of rain at least caused me to bag my plans for Abel Tasman and take the ferry to Wellington. The ferry across Cook Strait isn't much bigger than the ones across Puget Sound back home. But they are much more serious about their life boats. Apparently the crossing can get pretty rough. I'm still not exactly sure how you gently get to the water in this boat. Looks like it bounces off the sides a bunch!

Once in Wellington, they had a bunch of interesting art, as befits a capital city. This statue is titled "Solace in the Wind" and is currently available for sale. Feels kind of like I did standing on the bow headed into port.
Wellington also has a historic cable car you can ride to the top of a big hill with some nice views
and a botanical garden where I stopped to smell the roses
I took a quick tour of Parliament
Wandered the streets some in the evening. There's a comedy festival in town and saw some hilarious acts. Slepak, I've also sourced a potental car for the Mongol Rally
Finally I ended my trip with a bit of rubgy Super 14s.
Gotta run to catch a bus north. Hopefully the snow that was threatening the Tongariro Northern Circuit has blown through!

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