Thursday, May 29, 2008


So I finally started pulling pictures from my camera and adding captions yesterday after some delay. Starting naturally with the first part of the trip. By mid afternoon I was partway done and headed off for a conditioning hike (and ski down) of Granite mountain. Of course I brought my camera because I wanted to get my own set of shots like Scott got of our last trip.

Unfortunately I was skiing down instead of snowboarding which meant a) walking was harder because ski boots have little traction and less ankle flex and b) I kept having to futz with my attached gear to keep it from banging on the trees and rocks as I went up. After taking a couple of great shots above the tree line of Duncan in his board shorts in the snow we made a big push to the summit before dark. Just as we were getting to the top, I reached down for a summit shot and discovered an empty camera holder!

I headed back down the mountain to look for it but the last 1000 feet or so had been rock hopping. I was hoping it was at our last rest stop where I'd done significant gear futzing but no luck. I'll head back tomorrow and hope to get lucky. The camera wasn't cheap, but the pictures from the second half of New Zealand are irreplaceable. Guess I'll just have to make another trip. Glad I posted some to the blog at least.

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