Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hot Stuff

Spent a couple of fun days checking out random geothermal events. Not a lot of pictures unfortunately but if you squint hard they're here. Met Kerry and Noah in Taupo and decided to grab a ride with them to Waitomo to check out the caves there. We got in late in the afternoon and with nothing better to do, decided to head to Kawhia where hot springs are supposed to perk through the black sand beaches at low tide. Only problem was that low tide was 11pm. So we hung out in the local bar, played pool, were amused by townies, and I had some great fish (whole fillet, lightly breaded, delicate) and horrible chips (not quite fully cooked).

At 9pm we headed to the seaside and remembered the wise words of the guy at the gas station: "Remember to mark where you came over the dunes." When asking him if it was a good idea to do this at night, or if we where crazy, he replied, "You're foreigners. It's about the same." But after 15 minutes wandering, we found a hot spot in the sand. With no spade (shovel) we could only dig a pit big enough for our feet. But it was still a cool experience to stand in the warm water while the waves crashed over the black sand and the moon darted from cloud to cloud overhead.

After the caves, we headed to Rotorua where we headed to Kerosine Creek for some free hot spring action. There a stream runs through a set of waterfalls and pools providing a hot massage and sweet pool to relax in. Way better than spending $90 at the pools in town (with massage) and the entertainment value from Kerry dodging rocks in the rental car just added to the experience.

Sorry for the short post. Internet is up and ethnic dinner and dancing awaits!

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Liv said...

Crazy foreigner? As if New Zealanders aren't crazy!

The hot springs sound amazing! I want pics of those too :)

Love the pics in the Tongariro Crossing post- so gorgeous.