Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lamb and Wine in Blenheim

So actually that's a steak sandwich, not lamb, but still pretty darn tasty. I spent the day biking around the various vineyards, and actually saw some sheep grazing among them. Apparently they don't like eating grapes, just grass, and help to keep the soil healthy.

Other highlights from the brisk, sunny, autumn day (my favorite kind) include the view from the top of the Wither Hills tasting room

A first hand look at the fall out from perhaps this week's biggest story in New Zealand. Three aging hippies decided to protest New Zealand's involvement in the war against Iraq. Apparently some local satellite dishes download signals intelligence information and sends it back to the US. So these guys decided to hop the fence and burst the protective bubbles around the dishes with sickles. Really.

Also got to look up close at some grapes that have been left on the vine to develop noble rot. Or perhaps due to the bountiful harvest this year and the fact that all the storage tanks are full, just left on the vine.

And finally I attempted to take an artsy photo or two

With luck the weather will hold and I'll be off to Abel Tasman tomorrow!

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