Thursday, August 28, 2008

As Matt would shout, PEOPLES!

So after I got lost and made them sit around the airport for a while I arrived at Tolmachevo airport and met up with Theo & Tina.  They had just arrived from Moscow which was their last stop on their quick (20 hour) hop over here from Seattle.peoples

I am quite happy that I found the airport and that Theo & Tina are now here for the remainder of the trip.  We headed back into town via more creative routing and by the time we made the hotel Theo had pronounced the suspension dead (I know but I'm cheap) and we decided to spend one more day in Novo to check over the car, pick up more supplies, and wait for my replacement credit cards. More later.


shoe said...

Hmm, have Tina and Theo really left Seattle? That airport photo is really non-descript. Are you sure that's not somewhere in Kirkland?

b mathew said...

Man, I wish I could've joined you guys!!! Did Tina quit? Theres too many people with the same name in the GAL so its hard to tell. Its a not-so-sunny rainy labor day weekend here..