Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Monglia or Bust!

So the short news is we've made it to Mongolia and even found internets! And we're not really all that busted. The slightly longer story is that Slepak and I arrived at Russia/Mongolia border with 2 hours remaining before it closed and Tina and Theo were waiting for us. Cyrus' visa had expired the day before, so he and the Panda crossed first thing in the morning. The four of us piled into the Mini and headed for the border. A horrible squelch emanated from the rear of the car as the four of us apparently completely overloaded the suspension and the rear tires were making contact with the rear fenders. Minor issue, as there's 20+ km of no man's land between the Russian exit and the Mongolian entry points and where we'd meet up with Cyrus. We befriended a British couple with a 4WD and offloaded Theo and myself. With the much lighter crew of just Tina and Slepak, the Mini made it into Mongolia. We then spent the evening in the three cars circling the steppe looking for the road to the big town and for each other before finally giving up and all camping together for the night. Today we made it to Olgii, the big town, where we're going to spend tomorrow getting both cars repaired and (hopefully) doing some serious catchup blogging for you all!

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