Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chita vs the Mongol Rally map

Just a quick update - I arrived in Chita last night, making the almost 700km of decently paved roads from Ulan Ude in a fairly easy 10 hours. It was rather gloomy and defnitely rainy when I arrived, but on the bright side, that probably helped keep the cops off the roads too as I didn't get pulled over once the whole way from Ulan Ude...

The important bit of information here is that I just added an SMS update to the Mongol Rally map using GPS coordinates and it worked surprisingly well, so keep checking http;// to see where the mini and I end up. You'll have to scroll the map over to the left a bit as the default view only goes as far as UlaanBaatar and I'm now some 600+km east of it.


b mathew said...

Wow nice going! Glad you made it without any issues.

Jimi said...

Hey Alex glad you re still going mate:) I'm doing fine studying my Auto course in the Uk. I miss my Mini alot:( Sorry for being away for a while i'm quit busy at this period with my studies and the website. I wont talk to you about any tech stuff again you seem to hold it well by yourself:)Be careful mate and have fun.