Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bastards stole my Granola Bars.

I haven't eaten in three days. I've been doing a marathon trip to try and catch up with Smaller is Better (JCrew) in Novosibirsk (I'm here now) and have averaged about 900km's per day while working out engine issues. So on the road the first day I go to tuck into a granola bar and poof I realize that they are gone. They actually stole my damn driving food. I admit in hindsight that it seems odd that my granola bars were the most prized thing in the car and that I left them there.

Upon arriving in Novosibirsk I checked into a hotel recommended by Smaller is Better and this morning woke up feeling like crap. Who'd have guessed but appearently spending three days driving with no sleep, food, and heat can make you ill..

After talking with Theo and getting him to pretend to be me to United I now have a later departure date and can relax for a week and wait for Theo, Tina, Alex, and Dave to catch up. Maybe repair my car as well. I've actually managed to rip up the skid plate (thank god I had one) and I need a muffler as well as a bit of an engine overhaul. I'll make a better post later.


Lizzy said...

not the Granola bars!!!!!

you poor thing you havent eaten!?!?


oh by the way i thought the whole time you were calling them Gorilla bars...

Cyrus said...

Thats funny. I just thought it strange you called them Gorilla bars. Assumed there was some equivelent in AussiaLandia that you were used to.