Saturday, August 16, 2008


I breezed across the border in two and a half hours which got me into Kazakhstan early enough to enjoy the sunset on my way to Atyrau.


However before I got to the border I got to take a trip over a floating bridge Russian style. I have to say I'll never complain about the floating bridges over Lake Washington again... For your viewing pleasure I've included a video.

Sadly it doesn't have the part were a giant truck charged me in my lane. Also I have yet another phone number in case anyone is trying to get a hold of me. My new KStan number is: +77774379631. I'll go back to the Russian number in a weekish.


Anonymous said...

I live in Atyrau - saw the little green car there this past weekend... hope you have a good trip!

Nate in Atyrau

Cyrus said...

Awesome. The Mini is now in Uzbekistan. Hopefully it'll be in Mongolia with me in a few days. Glad it's been sighted in the wild!