Friday, August 6, 2010

And so, we meet again, mini!

Being back in Seattle finally, first order of business was, of course, to check in on the ongoing struggle for survival that is the current state of the mini. Ok, not really the very first order of business, but it was pretty high up on the list.

Gunnar, who is the man in charge of the restoration process, had previously sent me a few pictures of the process: see here. But this time I was here to see it for myself, equipped with a camera and everything! I'm pleased to report that I don't appear to have missed much, as I am hoping the gradual process will continue to get covered here on the blog...

Not so surprisingly, the vast majority of the front panels are to be scrapped

Headlights gaping from their open spaces

The trunk panels are going to be all new too... Same with the floor and the doors actually - anything that's been anywhere near the Mongolian soil is more or less in a state where it's cheaper/easier to replace than it is to salvage and repair

GD Engineering still representin' - thanks Zoran!

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