Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm [kinda] famous...

Just not quite the way I had ever wanted to become famous. Apparently, I was responsible for (maybe 'involved in' is more appropriate actually) holding up some traffic in Seattle: - the 3:23PM incident at 14th and Yesler is all me, baby! Not that I remember it all that clearly, but I was definitely biking down Yesler, quickly, and there was definitely a white Ford Explorer making a right turn right in front of me... I'll get a look at the police report tomorrow, and I hear they had plenty of witnesses, but I am very curious to know if the guy had his turn signal on, since I'm usually fairly careful and pretty good at avoiding these sorts of things, and I wasn't going so fast that I couldn't have stopped if I had gotten an indication that he was about to turn. That's what I think anyway - we'll find out more tomorrow. At least I had a helmet and health insurance!

As far as the insurance goes, no serious damage appears to have occurred - a number of bumps and bruises that I've been told to put neosporin on, and most likely a mild concussion, but they put me through a CT scanner, and concluded that the insides of my head looked as good as ever, then sent me home. I noted that the CT scanner looked a little like a time machine... I was seriously bored by this time: they ended up keeping me at the hospital for about five hours - Harborview was busy! and thus slow... At least I got to go wakeboarding in the morning before - had been planning to play some hockey too, but that plan went a little astray obviously. Probably should stay away from both of those for the next couple of weeks, unfortunately!

No pictures to show... but you'll be happy to know that I've got a nice big red mark on the left side of my face. But they did keep telling me back in Russia that women are attracted to scars - this is totally my time to shine then, isn't it!?

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