Sunday, June 27, 2010

We must tear it down, before we build it back up!

While I'm prancing all around Egypt and Israel, taking trains, boats, buses, and planes, you've been quietly wondering - say, I sure would like to know what ever happened to the mini? Well, never fear, we have an update! Gunnar, back in Seattle, is now fully in charge of running the affairs of the mini. First step of the process is to tear everything that was still left on the car apart (he reports finding even more rust than originally expected, and a bit of dust whose origins are likely Mongolia, or a country whose name ends in stan). Next step will be to put it all back together using new, not-yet-rusted parts and build it up to be better than it had been ever before! And finally, he'll get rid of the fluorescent color... That's all going to take a while, a long while, in the mean time, Step 1:

All that's left is the shell! And the fluorescent yellow...

Hey, didn't there use to be an engine in there?

Dust of ill-defined origins

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