Monday, July 14, 2008

Warning! Something ahead!

To add to Slepak's wonderful post on various signs I offer the following additions from New Zealand, where they clearly want to warn you about their agriculturally important livestock:



Various flight challenged birds:

Kiwi - the national symbol

Yellow Eyed Penguins

Little Blue Penguins

Mama Duck and her Ducklings (hunting season?)

Some other random bird

And some other random things like:

Suicidal Cyclists


And my personal favorite:


My last batch of New Zealand photos has been uploaded here (finally!)

I'm currently posting this from Anchorage, Alaska as I just returned from Denali. Still captioning those photos, but in the spirit of this post need to include this shot a bit early:

Moose (meese?) are definitely the one I want to avoid the most!

The first batch of Alaska photos is also up on the intertubes.

Headed onto the cruise ship for a week tomorrow...

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