Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off to Mongolia!

Why Slepak sent me this email instead of posting on the blog I don't know. But we're off! Well Slepak is at least, I'm in Ketchikan, Alaska at the moment. He writes:

We've officially launched! Well, it was actually somewhat anti-climactic as most of the teams there seemed to be much too prepared for the trip, but the cars will fall apart anyway. The fluorescent green mini is ready to set off on its way tomorrow afternoon (I'm delaying my London departure by a day). Theo, by the way, is a bad person for not having provided an emergency contact next of kin... I chose to ignore their warnings, and, of course, nobody even asked about our charity money. Cyrus, btw, is officially on the way too, just not as part of the Mongol Rally, he just happens to be driving a Fire Red Fiat Panda to Mongolia... mostly by himself.. but he'll totally live through it!

Tomorrow I'm at sea and Monday I arrive in Vancouver to do battle with the Chinese Consulate. Head back down to Seattle a day or three later, and winging off to Istanbul on Sunday. Pics from Denali and the rest of AK are on my laptop waiting to be posted!

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