Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And we are off

Well actually we left 2 days ago.

After an amazing dinner at Jamie and Nico's house we set off for the Dover ferry. Our 1st stop was Brussels and we split up from team Mini since they headed on to Berlin. However we arrived in Brussels in time to join in the national day celebrations.

Since we decided to skip the Berlin leg we headed on to Frankfurt via Brugge and Antwerp which were just slightly out of our way. It's possible we took this detour due to confusing East and West but there is no actual proof that was the reason.

Here we are in Frankfurt right before we took off for Praha. It's nice and cold here right now. Just what you'd expect at the end of July.


Jamie said...

Glad to hear you are making good progress across our fair continent..

What do the Germans do on their 'national day'? Coerce minorities into 'showers, and then go for a 'picnic' in Poland, i'm guessing.....!

Jamie said...