Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meeting back up

After seeing former co-workers Michelle and Gitika in Dehli yesterday, I'm off to meet back up with the rickshaws once more! So far, I've had an only marginally delayed (1.5 hrs due to fog) flight into Kathmandu, now waiting for a 30 minute intra-Nepal flight to Jankpur, where I should be meeting back up with the rickshaw caravan later this afternoon. In the mean time, apparently the domestic terminal at the Kathmandu airport has a cyber cafe! And it even lets me upload my pictures...


In the mean time, first impressions of the little that I've seen of Kathmandu - it's a nice breather from India! It seems so much more serene, quiet, and clean(!). Plus you get unbeatable views of the Himalayas! The outlook on the mountains on the flight over were amazing!

The mountains, as seen from my flight:


gainer said...

Hey Alex - great shot with Gitika. What's the occasion?

Paavany said...

This is hilarious!
Did you guys discuss Shared Workbooks?