Friday, January 18, 2008

At the Elgin in Darjiling, Looking forward to a new set of lungs.

We are at this old Victorian hotel in Darjiling recovering from the long trip across India. Hopefully we'll enter Napal tonight and be in Katmandu in two days time.

Reguardless I'm now looking forward to the announcement in 20 years that they can grow me a new set of lungs because I'm starting to think all the polution might have done some real damage. Oh well. Who needs to breath anyway..

See you all soon. Hopefully we'll get some more pictures up shortly.

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Rob Cy's Mom said...

I can't believe I am reading you are in Darjeeling??? We just came home after a trip to the frozen North Carolina where we climed the Smokey Mountains and stayed in a cabin while the snow fell 3inches overnight. There was no cell reception so I missed your call... but my heart was with you. Back home now, it's a major thunder storm, warm and balmy here with lightning and winds tearing through the neighborhood. While on my trip is I found a shop that had all the great tea we can't get here at home. Most of the very best which taste so good are imported from England and come from Darjeeling. Such a long trip for tiny tea leaves. It's fantastic seeing your great shots and reading about your trip to the Taj. Of course we are maybe a little, possibly tiny bit, envious but then we had our times too. With many travels yet to come. Have a wonderful time and say a prayer for the world at the temple for me.