Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back to India

Or at least, Team Dave is now back in India. Team Alex and Tommie are still in Nepal and hopefully have now acquired lots of new warm clothing and other gear for the treak to Everest base camp over the next few days. And Team Cyrus has now headed off to a warm beach to let his lungs recover.

In case anyone was curious after the last post, I was finally able to purchase a ticket to Dehli on Jet Lite airlines which oddly enough I had to purchase from the lady at the Jet Airways counter. I'm now at the hotel internet machine in Dehli using the USB port to recharge the cell phone with India SIM I'm borrowing from Cyrus, and windows just reminded me that I have a few pictures of the train in Darjeeling on there.

All along the winding mountain road up to Darjeeling there was a very narrow train track. At first we weren't sure what it was used for, as it seemed too narrow for any real passengers. The cars are significantly larger than the train track would make you think, and it turns out there is in fact a steam engine that runs back and forth between Darjeeling, Ghum, and various other towns on the mountain a few times a day. The train came by while Tommie and I were at the welders getting the rickshaws fixed, and I didn't have my main camera on me, but the phone seems to have captured the scene pretty well:

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Liv said...

What a cute train! It makes your rickshaw look roomey :)