Monday, December 3, 2007

A route to Kathmandu?

We've been talking a little about a route across India... The Darjeeling entry point, however, has made things a little more difficult - so far, we've just come up with places we'd like to see, whether or not we get to all of them remains to be seen for the time being:
- Kochi
- Cape Comorin, at the very southern tip of the subcontinent
- Mysore, fomer seat of the maharajas for the 'princely state of Mysore'
- Hampi?
- Goa
- Mumbai
- Ellora/Ajanta caves
- Agra, and maybe Dehli (even though I keep being told to avoid Delhi)
- Varanesi
- Darjeeling
- Sikkim?
- into Nepal, and over towards Kathmandu

all in a few short weeks...

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