Monday, December 31, 2007

The Rickshaws Run!

We've driven the rickshaws and they work! I'm currently sitting in Slepak and Lott's room mooching free wireless as we wait for the ferries to take us to the island for the party tonight and figured I would make my first post and give a brief update of the status here. Lott and Slepak's rickshaw was delayed in arrival until late this afternoon so we spent the afternoon driving our rickshaw in loops around the parade ground. Each of us almost made it around the ground without stalling out! For some reason our rickshaw is no longer starting, but we're assuming that's just because it's out of petrol at the moment and we'll deal with that situation in the morning before we leave (we're hoping that's the problem at least). Anywho, looks like we're leaving. Last post of 2007... Happy New Year!

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