Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Rugby Player and his Salad

As I was wandering, somewhat aimlessly, around the city of Bristol, I came upon the St Nicholas Farmer's Market. To add to the excitement, 'Street Market Chefs' (a British cooking network-type show, I presume) was filming an episode at the market. I hung around to watch and was rewarded with the amusing image above - the show's celebrity guest, whom the audience around me identified as a former rugby player, doing a taste test for the Street Market Chefs - of course, the meal of the day was a portobellini salad, and while, I admit, it's possible that the man may have discovered the joys of salads in his post-playing days, he sure doesn't look like he'd ever come anywhere near a salad while he was a player! Amanda Lamb, a British television pseudo-celebrity also in the picture... I never caught the rugby player's name.

Later that evening, it was the World Cup semifinals - Spain vs. Germany, while I was, of course, couch-surfing with Patricia and Christian (the two on the right) - she's Spanish, while he's German! My excitement was partly diminished when it turned out that Christian didn't really care about football all that much, so we all proceeded to cheer for Spain.

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