Friday, July 2, 2010

Defcon III

Also known as, fuck off, my dear Mr. 江婷! You probably aren't actually reading though... and it isn't really your fault, you are getting paid by people like the ones here. People who want to increase the ranking of their site among Google search results by artificially increasing the number of sites on the internet that link to their [useless] sites. In the end, it just becomes spam on blogs, when these people hire some Chinese shmuck, like our Dear Mr. 江婷 (who's probably a perfectly nice fellow, when he's not spamming my blog!) to post spam comments on blogs in order to artificially create links to their sites on the internet...

Since I am, however, sick of deleting these comments as soon as they show up, I've turned on comment moderation. This means if you want to leave a comment, it'll be sent to me for review first, before showing up on the blog. There have not been a whole lot of non-spam comments on the blog recently, so it shouldn't affect much, but should you run into this, don't be surprised! And feel free to send angry spam mail to Dear Mr. 江婷, if you like.

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