Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Budapest thoughts

- my feet hurt. Spent all day walking around town yesterday, followed that up with being out till 4 in the morning last night. Today's been a struggle. Looking forward to spending most of tomorrow on a train (to Belgrade). Maybe I should have done the thermal baths after all...

- I love Nestea's Peach tea! Loved it last time I was in the area, still loving it now. The peach juices in South America were amazing too, why aren't there more peach-flavored beverages available in the States!?

- the 'Terror House', a museum documenting the Soviet occupation of Hungary, is kind of a chilling experience... Growing up in Soviet Russia, you don't quite get the same story about the Soviet Union's interactions with 'our Eastern European brothers'

- just as my parents had described it, you hear plenty of Russian speech on the streets of Budapest. I'm not used to coming to a city for the first time, that my parents have already been to though - I thought I was the traveling trendsetter in the family

- it looks like I'll get to visit the two biggest synagogues in the world on this trip. The second biggest is here in Budapest. Is the biggest one some place in Israel? Of course not, it's in New York City. But I'll get there in July too... Hmm, turns out wikipedia disagrees with the sources at my hostel: they think the biggest is in Jerusalem

- I do have lots of pictures, they'll be in another post, these are 'thoughts' after all

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