Friday, May 7, 2010


Really, how can a man support such an enormous set of lips? Wouldn't you have to have extra strong neck muscles, or something to support such things? The man with the lips and I got off to a bad start immediately - I had my window seat on the plane to Athens, and was looking forward to having an entire half row to myself for the 35 minute flight. But then, the last two to come on board were the man with the giant lips and his ugly lady friend. No, I mean, really, she wasn't very attractive. They took the two aisle seats in row 4, I took note of the over-sized lips and went back to trying to fall asleep. But sleep wasn't meant to be - the man of the giant lips and his lady friend had a lot to say to each other, across the aisle. And they proceeded to say it, loudly. And they laughed, boy did they ever laugh! I would call the laugh infectious, but not in the sense that I wanted to join in, more that I thought he was infected with some sort of a terrible affliction that caused this. And then a phone rang (five minutes after taken off). And kept ringing for a minute - eventually the lip man tore himself away from the laughter and conversation and picked up his phone. Stared at it, seemingly in no way surprised, (or sorry to be receiving a call in flight), ignored the call, put the phone back in his pocket (still turned on - the next call might be important, you never know), and turned back to his ugly lady friend.

I decided I'd make him famous through my powers of the blogosphere in retaliation, so here's to you, loud annoying man with the giant lips (and an AWFUL lot to say with those lips!)

Michelle's rendition of the suspect based purely on my descriptions

PS. On the bright side, my flight, delayed from the day before by the general strike in Greece, was otherwise uneventful, and I arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel a few hours later. Sadly lacking in sleep...

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