Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stats, trivia, and demographics

I was going to include the following with the last post, but it failed... So, it now gives me a chance to see if email posting actually works...

Some blogging statistics/trivia:
 - pictures taken: Jan 23-27
 - post composed: Bagan, Jan 27
 - text uploaded: Mandalay, Jan 29 (on attempt #4). Uploading pictures: impossible
 - arrival in China: January 31. blocked
 - find functioning proxy workaround for blogger: Feb. 3
 - picture upload still impossible, so pictures are actually hosted on my site
 - hitting the post button: Feb 3, 9:50PM. Hoping for the best!
 - hitting the Post button a few more times - it works on attempt #5, but without the stats & trivia addendum

Can I view the finished post? Not really - all blogger sites are blocked in China, including both where I compose and where I go to view. The proxy workaround gives me access to, but not to blogspot... So, let me know if this works!

Demographics is just more random tourist observations - in general the greatest numbers of travelers I've met have come from the UK, Holland, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, and Israel. In Burma, I met one group from Israel, a Dutch guy, and noone from the other countries above. Instead, I met some Belgians, Norwegians, French, Spanish, Russians, Danes, a few Americans, Japanese, Koreans, and even Italians - I don't think I'd ever met Italian travelers before. And the Russians here were the first Russian tourists I had met traveling to a place that wasn't a beach resort/diving destination. Of course it is Burma, so the sample size is quite small and most of the travelers here aren't backpackers, but still, it's odd. It may have something to do with the fact that there's some organizations who actively discourage tourism to Burma as a way to oppose the military junta government, and this movement is largely based out of England, but, still, no English? Very odd...

The picture included is a funny-looking statue from Mandalay, with a little army of smaller guys following him... It's merely a test to see if I can email posts with pictures and what they'll end up looking like

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