Monday, February 22, 2010

Flight BR1701

Airline: Eva Air (Taiwan)
Origin: Shanghai,PRC (00:20, that's 20 minutes after midnight)
Destination: Taipei, Taiwan (02:10)
Airplane: Airbus A330-200
A330-200 Seating Capacity: 293 (business class and economy)
Cockpit Crew: 2
Eva Air air-hostess staff: 10
meal: included

Number of passengers on board: Three
Number of passengers scheduled to be on board: Two (the third had missed his earlier flight due to fog over Shanghai)
Amount of money Eva Air lost on this flight: I don't even want to begin to guess
CO2 emissions a single passenger is generally responsible for producing on a Shanghai-Taipei flight: 0.1 tons (source:
Per person estimated offset amount based on the load of BR1701: £83 (well, I thought it'd be more, I suppose it is a fairly short flight)

So, yeah, I've never been one of only three passengers on a flight, not even when flying some ramschackle prop plane around Nepal, and certainly not a brand new Airbus with seating capacity of almost 300. On the bright side, we got 3.3 stewardesses per passenger, and 2/3 of a pilot each...

Our best guess was that Eva must've added some extra flights for the Chinese New Year period, but had apparently mis-calculated the demand rather badly... but, fortunately for me, didn't see fit to cancel the flights, as pretty much every American-based carrier would've done in this case. They did refuse to give me frequent flyer credit for my cheap 'Y class' ticket, so there's a victory for the shareholders, I suppose...

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