Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

To start the new year, you've got to send the old year out in style.  So Arnie and I relaxed in one of our favorite traditions - Champagne Thursday - while preparing a small meal of Corn Tarragon Chowder and Steak au Poivre.


Next we joined up with a couple of friends and headed down to the Pan Pacific Hotel for a fancy New Year's Eve bash hosted by our friend Dougie.  It was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up - a rarity in Seattle!


And at midnight the champagne flowed and the Space Needle exploded in a brilliant display of color.


The next day Eric and I boarded a redeye to Houston, met Bailey and Liv early in the morning and we all headed down to Liberia, Costa Rica.  On the flight in we saw beautiful azure islands (which I didn't snap a photo of) and a billowing volcano.


Eric took a well deserved nap while Bailey secured us transportation and we piled in clown car style and headed for the coast.


We found our house in Tamarindo and Liv played tour guide for our sweet digs. 


Plenty of room for the month if anyone wants to come visit!



Cyrus said...

I'm insanely jelous.. Hopefully I'll make it down before you all head out. When will we see more photo's?

dlott said...

Not sure. There's a lot of surfing to be done and no case for my camera!