Thursday, January 29, 2009

About the weather...

So, I've now been on the beach in Costa Rica for about a week now, while Lott, Bailey, and Mattson have spent almost a full month here. During this time, the weather hasn't really changed very much. It's been hot, sunny, and, well, wonderful:

Sorta like this

In the mean time, I've had a chance to hear from a few friends in other parts of the world, who appear to be putting up with somewhat more inclement weather. Specifically:
  • Seattle, WA: there's been rain (of course), there's been snow, and the temperature change in going from Costa Rica to Seattle is about 65 degrees.

  • Lexington, KY: severe ice storms. 3 inches of ice on the roads covered by a couple more inches of snow. Lots of people without power.

  • San Diego, CA: this is Southern California, for God's sake, but apparently the day after I had left the rains arrived. Glad to report that it is now back to mid-70's and sunny, cementing San Diego's reputation for the best weather in the US.

  • London, UK: dreary, rainy, drizzly, and depressing. Really, par for the course for London in January.

  • The Northeast of the US: the internet tells me there's snow storms here as well, with millions of people without power.
Well, I'd like to be the first to assure that we all feel exceedingly badly for all of you... And you have obviously not made a wise decision when you chose to remain somewhere North of Costa Rica in the month of January. After all, had you been here you could've witnessed these:

A guy getting around the beach on his unicycle

and an ancient former school bus, now converted into surf camp transport/advertising

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