Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Fiji Time!

So, I've been in Fiji for the last five days... And Fiji apparently has a fairly familiar problem - I'm not sure that I want to leave! Between the beautiful beaches, the friendly people, the amazing dive sites, and a ton of other backpackers, it's a lot of fun here. And I haven't even made it off the main island so far (going tomorrow), even though I hear the outlying islands are even better!

Well, so far, my stay here has been fairly productive - I managed to get my Chinese visa (and if you ever need one, I highly recommend the embassy in Fiji - it looks like a simple residence, right by the ocean front! And, not so surprisingly, it's never busy...), then spent three days hanging out at a backpacker resort, Robinson Crusoe Island, getting my scuba diving certification (this one should be even more obvious - you want to learn to scuba dive, I don't know if you can find a better place than Fiji...) and hanging out with the crazy Brit, Irish, and Aussi backpackers that are here (there's a few others from Europe too, but predominantly everyone is from the Commonwealth, and I've met exactly one American so far... even though the US is much, much closer to Fiji than the UK is - we just don't travel like the British!). Now that I'm certified, planning to do a couple more dives, then spend a day hiking around the mountains in the inner part of the island, before flying down to New Zealand. Unfortunately, nobody sails from Fiji to New Zealand (or anywhere actually) this time of year, as it's cyclone season, so a sailing adventure will need to be saved for a later time.

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