Friday, December 24, 2010


Huh, I've just found a picture from the blog being referenced on another site (which was strangely exciting, to be honest!): here. It's part of a set of surreal' images: And in case you still hadn't clicked, this is the picture they found sufficiently surreal to qualify for their collection:

Interesting... that's, of course, mini doors getting painted in Gunnar's garage. Not my mini specifically, but another one he'd been working on, which was, incidentally, getting to be a very similar color to what I envision mine ending up with! Read all about that particular day in October - I refer to the site as very 'surreal' in that post incidentally.

And speaking of the mini, I went to pay it another visit yesterday, and an amazing discovery was made: a floor!

That gaping hole in the floor, which you may just be able to spot in the pictures in the post linked above, has been replaced with a shiny new floor panel! A wholly un-rusted, un-mangled by Mongolian 'roads,' floor panel - awesome! Merry Christmas, dear mini!

Cyrus, myself, and Gunnar appreciating Gunnar's handy work

Let's got for more surreal! Yesterday, there was also a brief excursion to Gas Works park to witness the Christmas Ships on Lake Union, Christmas Carrolling by the Seattle Girl's Choir, aboard one of the ships, included. Sites (no sounds):

The Ships all lit up for the holidays on Lake Union

The Seattle skyline at night.

Gas Works Park in the darkness

Speaking of surreal... Maybe they'll post this picture of Gas Works too?

I'm starting to really appreciate my new camera's ability to take night shots! Also (as I'm about to uphold the finest of Jewish holiday traditions and head out for Chinese food): Merry Christmas!

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