Monday, November 8, 2010

Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee, in all of his living glory, on the waterfront in Hong Kong

We'll get back to you in a second, Bruce...

In the mean time... A gorgeous, sunny Seattle day at the tail end of October (weird, right?) - just four days to Halloween, probably a Full Moon too? (nope, not for another three weeks). Full Moon or not, I figured I'd take this pleasant afternoon to get into the Halloween spirit and go visit a nearby cemetery. Lakeview Cemetery is a calm, pleasant, scenic piece of land overlooking Lake Washington in the distance, just a short walk from where I now live.

On a nice clear day like this, you catch a glimpse of the snow-capped Mount Baker from the grounds

Sites of the cemetery

A pretty autumn day here in the Pacific Northwest

As for Bruce... I knew he was buried at Lakeview. Actually, as of a month prior, I only knew that his grave was somewhere in Seattle - when a group of tourists inquired about directions to Bruce Lee's grave, I sent them to Fremont... which is very much the wrong place (sorry!). But I've since checked, and Bruce (along with his son, Brandon) are both buried at Capitol Hill's very own Lakeview Cemetery. I will have to admit a general ignorance of the life and times of Bruce Lee, so I have no idea how much time he had actually spent in Seattle while alive, but, once at Lakeview, I was able to follow a steady progression of other visitors flocking to his grave site to find Bruce's resting place. There's a number of other famous pop culture stars who have met their respective ends here in Seattle (Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain, Lane Staley), but if they are buried at Lakeview, I failed to locate their graves. As for the Lee's:

Exit the Dragon? Well, that sure sounds terrible...

A few more bits of recent fun and excitement around these exotic lands of Seattle:

Erica and I fully outfitted for Halloween - I wanted to be a matador when I grew up... She, a crime fighting ballerina!

One... two... ah one, two, three! A little more Halloween, at a party with my Tacomatose teammates

The Gorillaz came to town... and put on an amazing show! Featuring an animated Snoop Dog in the intro

The Space Needle at night just before the Gorillaz show

sun setting over the Pike Place Market and the Pudget Sound

A night out in Post Alley to see some friends in an improv comedy show

Genesee, one of my housemates, improvising some comedy of her own, after the show

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