Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School Bus Retirement... continued!

Previously, we learned just what happens to that dear 'ol school bus, which used to take you to school in the morning, after its job is given to a newer, younger, hipper version. The workaholics continue to ply their trade in South and Central America (sometimes dying there); others are committed to continuing education, so they end up in South Dakota's Custer State Park, teaching tourists about Crazy Horse; the beach bums will go run their own surf camps in Costa Rica, and the ones who just can't let go of the adrenaline rush, join the Demolition Derby in places like Monroe.

Are there other options? Why, yes - some really are artists and hippies at heart, and they've got a place to call home in retirement too: Black Rock City in the Nevada desert! At least for one week out of the year they do anyway...

The Reel Mobile - we be jamming out on the Playa

The Space Bus - honestly, this one looks too much like a normal bus to be here!

On the way to San Francisco - can't tell if this was an Art Car or just somebody's way to transport everything to and from, but definitely a Burning Man vehicle!

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