Monday, January 4, 2010

on Koh Tao

I got to the tiny secluded resort beach on the far side of the island and slowly strolled past the twenty-some people lazing about in the sun on the thin strip of yellow sand, My gaze lingered for a moment on the brunette wearing a dental floss bikini; I carried on. I went up and down the winding little stair-paths past the beach-front bungalows and into the jungle beyond. I followedthe sometimes elusive path through the jungle, but soon enough it too ran out, so I picked my way through the less dense parts of the underbrush. When I saw the rocks waiting for me up ahead, I knew I was close, as the goal I'd set off with was to reach the rocky outcropping stretching out to the sea, pointing to Shark Island just offshore. I climbed around, then over the rocks, and finally the view in front cleared and the panorama of Koh Tao's shoreline opened up.

shores of Koh Tao

Shark island

Relaxing in the Sun

A dive boat passing in front of Shark Island

Dusk gathering

From here on I'm departing Koh Tao tomorrow, after a full beautiful week here, and heading for a 4 day dive trip in the Similan Islands!

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