Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sometimes I get bored...

So, I was in San Diego last week. I had my camera with me (because Whistler had found it after I had lost it). I also had a new camera, which was to be the replacement for the lost one. So now, I needed to send the new one back. $8 shipping seemed like a reasonable fine to pay for losing my camera, but since I had a few days, I figured I'd try San Diego craiglist to see if I can get rid of it without having to pay for shipping. So I posted and lo and behold, early the following morning, I had a response from an Angelina Mandy:

i am intrested in your sale kindly mail me back if still available..........

Angelina sounded just a bit fishy, but, why not, I informed 'her' that yes, the camera was still available. Follow-up response:

Thanks for your response.I am located at Waco,tx but presently on Business trip abroad,i gat my cell phone stolen,if not would av rung you,This Item is a replica of what i want for my Brother who is in abroad at the mo. sorting out his project …I will add shipping charges confirm from http://www.usps.com for international shipping making it a total of $250.00 …….I will make the total payment if you’ll kindly help me handle the shipping.You can send me the paypal info and i’ll make the payment right away.

Now we know it's a scam, of course, and, these days, I get amused by scammers. I'm not actually sure exactly how this one works, but Paypal does generally operate on the 'protect the buyer, screw the seller' ethos, and craigslist specifically warns not to give out your PayPal info on its scams page, even though I'm not actually sure what our 'angelina' would be able to do with the email address that my PayPal account is registered under, however I didn't want to find that out, but, as I said, I was feeling a little bored, so late the following evening I replied:

That sounds wonderful, unfortunately, I do not have a PayPal account - but, instead, you can just send me your bank account number, and I will authorize my bank to transfer the $250 from your account.

Additionally, I've checked a little with my intelligence contacts, and you have been recommended to me as a very trustworthy person, so I hope you will be willing to help us, as I've been placed in charge of dispersing the funds of the deposed royal family of Myanmar. So, once you send me your bank account number, I have been authorized to deposit an additional sum of 1,000,000 US dollars in your account. The money is perfectly legal, and this is simply a way of preventing the military dictatorship, currently in charge of the country, from illegitimately stealing the royal family's funds. In exchange for your assistance in holding the money in your account for a period of 30 days, you will be rewarded with 10% of the total sum, or $100,000 US dollars.

Look forward to hearing from you,

PS. I had a good laugh at your message, hopefully you have one too, before you fuck off.

I was feeling pretty good about my composition skills, and felt 'angie' could learn something for her future scams about not always having the inheritance money come from Africa. Sadly, however, my angelina was apparently too busy managing other scams out of the Lagos, Nigeria (I presume) central office, to play along, so the only response I got said:

its a serious buyer....ok

Ahh, 'angie', you are ruining all of my entertainment... Oh well, fortunately, I now have Japan's Pachinko parlor Enjoy Spaces to keep me entertained - I just added a few pictures to the last post about Tokyo, which will enlighten you on Enjoy Spaces, Tommy Lee Jones' adventures in Japan, and Buddhist temples, among other things...

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