Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ecuador

Quito is the capital and second largest city in Ecuador. It's also a staging area for the Galapagos. Since I had a bit of time before my scheduled cruise, I did a bit of sight seeing. First stop was the Bascilica del Voto Nacional, seen here from the rooftop deck of my hostel during breakfast:

It was a sunny day and the stained glass made great colors on the inside of the arches:

But the best part of the tour is that they let you climb around inside. First across the top of the nave (on a rickety wooden walkway):

Then up a shaky ladder on the outside of the center tower:

And of course, inside the main towers with the clock. There's also a way to get outside the tower on the very top level!

For an interesting day trip I headed north for a photo op on the equator proper. Apparently the main theme park, built in the pre-GPS era, is about 7 seconds - 210 metres - too far south. So this very kitschy place is actually in the right place:

Of course, I've been trying all kinds of local foods. No luck with a cuy - guinea pig - yet, but chicken grilled with potato, banana, and sausage is a delicious lunch. And only a dollar!

Tomorrow I fly to the Galapagos for my week long cruise. And theoretically Slepak will be waiting for me in Quito when I return...

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Heather said...

Love the second picture of the arches. Nice work!