Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days.

Yesterday was one of those days that you hope you have when you set out on a new adventure.  It was day two for Alex and I at Iguazu Falls.  The day before we had arrived on the Brazilian side at after a 24 hour bus ride which stopped and woke us up every hour during the trip.  We fell out of the bus at noon and ran right into Sasha & Dasha a couple from Moscow who we (thanks largely to Alex's Russian skills) had made friends with in Rio.  They were both pretty awesome and since they knew our bus got in soon they decided to wait for us.  We all caught up on our trip there and had a little meal while wondering around the town of Foz de Iguazu.  However since we were on a timeline and they wanted to get into a tour group for the falls we split up and headed strait to the falls while they headed off to find a hotel and book a tour.  

Alex and I arrived at the Brazilian side of the falls around two.   We had decided to catch the Brazilian side the same day and head over to Argentina later so that we could catch the Argentinean side first thing the next morning.  But we weren't really prepared for the size of the falls and our first view of them just took our breath away. 
We walked a trail down as far as we could go and ended up on a platform on the Brazilian side with a pretty spectacular view of the falls.  I think both of us were thinking that it couldn't really get any better.  

We there for several hours until we decided we'd pushed it enough and headed back to town to catch a cab to Argentina.  Yes you can actually cross the border in a cab...  We had heard all along that the Argentinean side was prettier than the Brazilian side but we hadn't expected what we found the next day.  The first peak was as spectacular as anything we'd seen on the Brazilian side and it just continued to get better.
We walked about 2km down to the bottom of the falls where we were able to take a boat out to an island in the middle of the falls area which allowed us some spectacular views.
In addition to the spectacular views I was able to go swimming in the river out in front of the falls where some small fish attacked me for a minute or so and then let me alone.  Guess I needed a shower..  Once we finished with the island we hopped in another boat that drove us up under the falls.  Obviously Alex wasn't willing to sacrifice his camera to get those shots and really getting pummeled by water while fun couldn't possibly be a good shot anyway.  The boat was awesome we got to go all around the falls and then driver kept diving us head first into the falls while the passengers kept shouting "Again" in spanish.    All around it was a pretty spectacular day.  I'm nice and red in the aftermath and now that I'm in Buenos Aires I'm wishing I could have spent more time there.  Though we did get to see everything there was to see I think given more time I would have happily gone back for day three.

We ended up with some pretty spectacular pictures and I still feel like we didn't do a good job of capturing everything we could have but it's impossible to capture something like the falls well.  They are just too monumentally large but yesterday will always be a spectacular memory.  Alex had to talk me into abandoning Rio and going with him to the falls and I can't say how happy I am that I decided to join him in his trip.  They were worth every bit of the 24 hour bus ride to get there.  Now I'm in San Telmo, Buenos Aires which is a beautiful old colonial area in Buenos Aires.  Alex will catch up with me in a few days but I hopped a flight here to maximize my travel time.  Hopefully I'll find something equally worthy to write about soon.

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Alex said...

I would just like to say that I really, really, really wanted to get a picture of getting pummeled by the water as we drove seemingly right under the waterfall, but I suppose I needed a few more really´s in there before I was willing to drown my camera in the process...