Monday, November 24, 2008

Weather update: I don't like weather!

There are three dive spots that I really wanted to go to here in Okinawa (in order of preference):

1. Manta Scramble or Manta Way near Ishigaki
2. Irizaki point featuring hammerhead sharks near Yonaguni
3. Underwater ruins off of Yonaguni

Today, I talked to a few dive shops on the various islands and here's the diving forecast given the currently rainy state of the weather:

1. Manta Way/Manta Scramble: 99% that the water will be too choppy to go there tomororw.
2. Irizaki: 80% chance of No
3. Underwater ruins: probably OK...

So, I'm not feeling encouraged. The plan du jour is to catch a morning flight to Yanaguni tomorrow, go diving there Wednesday (can't dive within 24 hours of flying). See the ruins, hope for the best with hammerheads. Thursday, take the ferry back to Ishigaki and hope that the weather will have improved by Friday enough that I can dive the Manta sights here. Saturday evening start heading back up towards the Japanese mainland... How this all works out? TBD...

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