Friday, June 27, 2008

A Bit of History

For those of you that have joined late, there's been some confusion about how this blog works. In January 2008 Cyrus Gray, David Logan, David Lott, and Alex Slepak drove a pair of rickshaws across India in a bit of adventure called the Rickshaw Run. Hence the blog's original title: "Across India... in a rickshaw!" After an amazing month of adventures visiting Goa's beaches, the Taj Mahal, Darjeeling, fighting food poisoning, having rocks thrown at us and the like, we all went our separate ways.

Logan and Cyrus returned home and stopped posting. Lott went back to work. And Slepak went to Everest Base Camp - clearly the most exciting option. He'd quit his job and launched this crazy scheme called the Landshark Rally so he started doing a bunch of practice traveling - Thailand, Australia, Vietnam et al - and kept posting to the blog. Which is how we came to "Across India... and beyond!" After two months back in the office, Lott came to his senses and decided to take some time to travel the world as well. So he headed off to New Zealand and started posting about it.

Sometimes the posts would get interleaved, causing people that only knew one of us to get confused. But we decided that to keep you, our lovely fans, more entertained, it was worth the confusion to have more stories and pictures.

In July, Lott and Slepak are reuniting for the Mongol Rally so we'll be posting from the same place again! The general plan is July 19th, Slepak and Lynn start driving from London. Around July 30th Lynn is traded for Lott in Istanbul and the adventure continues towards Mt Elbrus (highest mountain in Europe) where we know a guy who knows a guy that should be able to get us up it, or partway at least. By August 25th-ish we should be in Novosibirsk to pile Theo and Tina into the car and finish the official leg of the rally in Ulan Batar. At this point, Lott heads to Beijing to catch up with old high school friends and the car continues to Vladivostok before catching the ferry to Japan.

Until then, Lott is on a DC-Boston-DC road trip, headed back to Seattle for some frisbee, then heading to Alaska for a spell. Slepak is in Russia trying to source us a car for the Rally then figuring out how to get it to London for the launch on the 19th. And we're both dealing with way too much paperwork and bureaucracy as we try to get all of our visas straight.

Hope that makes everything clear as mud! Also we love all your questions and comments so let us know if you have more of them.


Alex said...

Slight addition - Lynn has had to cancel her plans to go from London to Istanbul with me, so I'm off to recruit someone else to spend a week riding across Europe in a tiny little car... So, if any of you, our erstwhile readers have always dreamed of seeing Eastern Europe from the window of a 25-year old car, let me know!

Lin said...

nice summary Lott. As I've mentioned, you should swing by Taiwan and play some ultimate out here. And bring Tina and Theo with you! And tell Tina to come out here in November and play the Manila tourney with us - we need more hot women on the team :) oh, and while you're in BJ, convince Jim to move to Taipei