Monday, November 26, 2007

Nepal Entry Point Confirmed

There has been lots of debate amongst the various teams as to where we're going to enter Nepal. Apparently a 2-stroke rickshaw is difficult to get across the border if you're just on your own. So the organizers have pulled some strings and we'll all be able to cross into Nepal at Kakarbhitta. Kakarbhitta narrowly edged out our favorite city, Nepalgunj, in the voting. Nepalgunj would have made a route heading up the west coast of India then cutting across to Nepal. Kakarbhitta is on the eastern edge of Nepal, near Darjeeling. Definitely some interesting, different sights, but potentially more driving. Guess it's back to the drawing table to get a new route (or a dart board - throw a couple and connect the dots. That would be interesting!)

In other news, now that the entry point has been determined, Logan dropped by the Nepalese Embassy to get our Visas. We've got the Indian ones already. And mailed back the contract. So the paperwork is (hopefully) done.

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